What Can Your Competition Teach You About Your Website


What Can Your Competition Teach You About Your Website

When I am designing a new website, or even revamping an existing site, one of the first things that I do is research my client’s competitors. I don’t do this to copy what they have. In fact that is the farthest from what I want to do. But you should want to know what your competitors are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Find out where they rank for certain keywords. Are their sites mobile friendly. Mimic the good things, avoid the bad, and add in your own unique twist on things.

Ranking yourself, your business, and your site against your competitors is your best gauge as to where you need to go with your site and your business. They are what Google and Bing will be using to figure out where your current and new site belong when someone submits a search.

Others in the same industry or categories will potentially be using keywords, providing services that you provide but possibly aren’t featuring on your site. Why aren’t you? This little bit of research can help potentially point out things that you are missing and didn’t think to point out to your clients or customers.

This type of check shouldn’t be limited to when you are reinventing your site, business or image. Keeping up on those who are also seeking out your customers should be a monthly check. If your biggest competitor was building a brand new showroom to woo customers, wouldn’t you want to know that so you could preempt it and hold a sale or customer appreciation event? Doing the same for a new website release or keeping up with them on the web is the same thing.

Don’t just rely on Google/Bing. Look at their social media. Follow them. Are they active? Do they have a good following? Are they leaving you in the dust? Social media is one of the best ways to build a web presence of new customers.

When researching your competitors:

1. Find out what works for them and avoid what isn’t.
2. Learn from their mistakes.
3. Are they revealing any missed opportunities for you?

Doing your research on the other guy can and most likely will help you in the long run. Do your homework and reap the benefits.

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