So You Want To Build Your Own Website


So You Want To Build Your Own Website

So, you want to build your own website? In the last two weeks I have gotten 4 different requests to help someone that had attempted to build, fix, or alter their website on their own. There is nothing wrong with this. It is their website. To some end, I applaud them for attempting something like that on their own. On the other hand, know your limitations.

The use of a CMS ( like WordPress or Drupal, has made upkeep on websites extremely easy. In most cases, after I am done with the site development, I feel completely comfortable handing over the keys to a website and letting the owner do as they please.

The downside of websites that I see right now are Wix (, Squarespace (, GoDaddy’s Website Builder, and other “build your own site” sites. Right now Wix is close to being sued for stealing WordPress software without following proper licensing attribution. Squarespace’s editor is getting better, but still has been listed as being too complicated for those who aren’t familiar with website design.

All of these builders allow for anyone with some time and a little inspiration to build their own website. This is a great thing for those who are really on a shoestring budget. But typically the build your own sites are seen as just that.

Squarespace has a very limited number of templates to use. Therefore, it is pretty easy to pick out their single page scrolling parallax designs. Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to build a fully custom site on Squarespace, but it is MUCH harder than when full control of the site and hosting is available.

GoDaddy’s Website builder allows for all the same point, drag, and click functionality of the others, but they will also slap the Website Builder icon at the bottom of your site. Telling your site visitors that you not only didn’t pay much for your site, but you did it yourself. And sometimes….it is already evident.

Building your own website isn’t a horrible thing to do. I like that someone has the ambition to try something like this on their own. But, from my perspective, users who do this can actually cause themselves a lot of extra costs than if they would have just hired an actual developer in the first place.

Two of those 4 questions I received were to help fix things on a build your own platform. Unfortunately I have to say no to these requests. The site is build on a platform where I don’t have the wanted or needed access to change what may need to change. Depending on the change I could spend hours changing something that on a traditional site and hosting platform would take minutes.

Like I mentioned above, know your limitations. If you aren’t sure how to do everything that you need to do with your site, contact a professional. The professionals will cost more up front, but if they are worth their weight in expertise they will definitely save you money down the road.

As always… If you have questions about your site, Contact Me. I’d be happy to help.

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