Cloud Data Backup Services


Cloud Data Backup Services

Cloud data backup services are becoming more and more important in this age of technology. In most cases, there is no paper copy. This makes it extremely hard or impossible to recover from a catastrophic hardware failure.

Is your data backed up?

All too often the answer to this question is NO! In the event of a hard drive crash or other hardware failure, loss of data is a definite possibility. With more and more reliance on digital media for storing our documents, records, photographs and databases a good backup strategy is a must.

Opie’s Computers, LLC provides data backup Services from Datawize, LLC. We can provide data backup solutions for Windows PC’s, MacOS, or Linux. Once the application is installed, select the data you want backed up and schedule a time for the automated service to run.

This service is a secure off-site backup for your home or business. The data is encrypted prior to being uploaded to our servers. For an extra layer of data security, backup data can be protected with an additional 256-bit encryption. The backup data is on redundant disk arrays and is also sent to a replication server. The primary backup system and the replication backup system are geographically separated. Thus, reducing the chance of data loss that much more.

We have plans of all sizes for all users. We can accommodate a casual home user or a small to medium sized businesses. For those with an even larger need, the Datawize software can be installed locally, and your data is then duplicated to our replication server. Increasing your performance, but giving you the peace of mind that you have off-site backups.