Is your data safe?


Is your data safe?

Unfortunately the all to common answer to this is, No. Most businesses and individuals do not have a comprehensive data backup plan in place. With the increasing dependency on digital media (documents, pictures, music, databases, etc) a thorough plan is required. These backups can be as simple as burning a DVD with critical data or as extensive as a full replication of a server or PC. Regardless of the plan, you should have one.

It can’t happen to me…

Data loss can happen to anyone at anytime. Personally it happened to my wife several years ago. She was just a few hours from finishing her Master’s thesis when a telltale clicking came from her laptop. At that point it was too late. The data was already gone. This personally taught me the importance of having a backup plan in place. We were eventually able to painfully piece the data back together, but it was no small task.

If your business stores customer data, can you recreate it easily? Customer data is usually aggregated over years of interactions with your customers. Recreating this data can be an impossible job. What will your customers think if you lost everything because of a hard drive crash?

If you are backing up your data, does that plan include off-site storage? If not, it should. In the unlikely event that flooding, water damage, storm damage, or fire destroys your hard drives and backup media, the data is gone. By having off-site storage of your data backups, are safe and recoverable.

In this day and age, photographs aren’t being captured on rolls of film anymore. They are saved digitally on our cameras, phones, and hard drives. What happens to those memories if there is a hardware failure? Digital Music is another item that people sometimes can’t bear to lose. There aren’t CD’s everywhere to make a new copy from. If the MP3 player or phone is dropped or destroyed, sometimes the music is gone.

Opie’s Computers has comprehensive backup solutions to help the business or individual get a handle on their data. We utilize Datawize, LLC data backup solutions. We can backup all of your documents, digital photos, digital music collection, or anything else digital that you need safeguarded.

These plans are very affordable considering the time and work that could be sunk into handling a loss of the data. Contact Us today to see what we can do for you!

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