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Sunstone Creative

Andy came to me asking if I’d be able to help with some development on his new site.  He wanted aspects of two different WordPress themes to be merged into one site.  This is something that can sometimes be very problematic.  Since different versions required for each to work (jQuery, Bootstrap, etc) could all be at different levels.  As was the case with this.  Even though there were still issues persisting because of version mis-matches, I think that it turned out very well.


The site is built on WordPress.  There were two different themes that had aspects that were to be, and at the point that I started, were mostly integrated with each other.  But there were still some very big functional issues which made it something that couldn’t be released.

Working with Andy, I re-worked some of the PHP layouts of the pages as well as some Javascript for some of the dynamic content on the pages.  We also changed CSS styling to accommodate some of the layout changes, and to incorporate the video at the top of the homepage.

The site is fully responsive using Bootstrap.

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