Yumbutter is a company based in Madison, WI. They craft a variety of nut butters. They started very small. Selling their homemade butters at local farmers markets. From their humble beginnings they are growing rapidly. They recently began selling their nut butters in Target stores.

You can purchase a variety of nut butters, which they call potions, directly from their website. They also have wholesale accounts for stores looking to carry their products.

Site Details

The site was designed by Maria Henry of Ariam Design Group. Opie’s Computers took the design and created a completely custom responsive theme for WordPress. Every portion of the site can be edited and modified by Yumbutter.

A few items that this site contains are custom post types. This allows Yumbutter to add and edit their potion packets and recipes separately from their blog posts. There were also special custom fields added to both the potion packets and recipes that allowed Yumbutter to add or set specific items for each type of post.

Their previous site was built using Shopify. Continuing with their use of Shopify, they have installed the Shopify WordPress plugin to allow for creating a cart of products directly on the site.

Definitely a great group to work with!!

Visit Site: HERE.