Let’s Have Dinner Club

Let’s Have Dinner Club

Let’s Have Dinner Club is a unique social dining club based in Prescott, AZ. All ages are welcomed to join, and it is NOT a dating club. It is just a nice relaxed social evening. Spend your time over good food and good company, all while meeting new people.

Groups are kept small to enhance the atmosphere and ability to get to know people better. Couples dine with couples, and singles dine with singles. There are always 6 people per table. Six singles, or Three couples. Members are rotated for each dinner, making a best effort to have a different dining group for each dinner. Dine at different restaurants each week as well.

This will be the next big thing!


Opie’s Computers did development on two pieces of this project. The project was split into two pieces to simplify the maintenance of the informational portion of the site while leveraging WordPress. The members side of the project is a fully custom built PHP application.

The custom WordPress theme was developed from the client’s design. It utilizes Bootstrap for responsiveness. All portions of the site are editable by the end user. The design (HTML/CSS) used to develop the WordPress portion of the site was re-used to build the page template for the application.

It is a fully custom PHP application. Using a MySQL back end, Javascript and AJAX to perform client-side functions. Implementing an Admin interface as well as a separate and different members interface for club members.

Administrators can perform actions on/for members. In addition, administrators can assign the tables for the members on a weekly basis, send out RSVP’s to members, send final dinner information, and request dinner feedback. In contrast, members can accept/decline a dinner, update their personal/membership/payment information, and change their password.

In the internals, it is utilizing the Stripe API to provide online payment processing for the memberships. It is also using the PHPMailer application to handle all of the emails that the automated system must send for different actions.

Check out some of the screenshots below…

Visit the Site: https://www.letshavedinnerclub.com/